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Sustainable Agriculture.

Here’s what we’re doing to grow your food Sustainably.

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Stewardship is about making a commitment to the land that helps preserve it for today and tomorrow. It's about protecting its resources including wildlife, soil, water, and natural beauty. To ensure that we are effective stewards, maintaining and fostering healthy ecosystems, we follow the recommended NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) conservation practices for maintaining soil, water, air, plant and animal health.

Here are some of things we do to enhance the ecological well-being of our land: We build hedgerows that not only act as a habitat for many animals, birds and insects, but that also control soil erosion, reduce pollution of soil and waterways, and serve as windbreaks. We plant native plants on the borders of crops to support biological diversity and attract pests (whereby naturally keeping pests away from the crops). We build owl boxes and hawk stands to help these birds in the face of diminishing habitats due to urbanization (and in turn, these birds help us with natural pest control). We build grassed ditches to control water runoff and prevent soil erosion, and grassed buffer strips to protect our waterways.

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